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£400,000 Lamborghini Countach spotted burned out by side of road

It is a sight to bring a tear to the eye of the most hardened petrolhead: what appears to be a classic supercar worth close to half a million pounds, reduced to a burned and melted wreck.

In the 1970s and 1980s, the Lamborghini Countach adorned more boys’ bedroom walls than posters of Farrah Fawcett or Samantha Fox.

But on Friday this Countach raised temperatures more dangerously, with the back section of the car engulfed in flames so hot they destroyed half the chassis and melted its fat high-performance tyres.

The Countach had distinctive three-section windows and scissor doors

INS News Agency Ltd/INS News Agency Ltd

The car, one of only 2000 ever produced, was spotted on the A370 near Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset, burned and gutted.

A modern Lamborghini Aventador, the best-selling of the brand’s current models, costs around £275,000; but this classic Countach is worth around £400,000.

The powerful mid-mounted V12 engine looks to have been the cause of the fire, which also gutted the red supercar’s luxurious interior.

The back end of the mid-engined supercar was completely destroyed

INS News Agency Ltd/INS News Agency Ltd

The tarmac beneath the car melted in the heat of the rush-hour fire, which delayed commuters heading home for the weekend.

No-one has been reported injured and the owner is unknown.

Identifiable by its distinctive wedge shape and “scissor” doors which open upwards from the bonnet, the Countash is one of the most outlandish and best-loved cars ever built by the Italian marque.

The car was removed and no-one is believed to have been injured in the fire near Weston-Super-Mare

INS News Agency Lts/INS News Agency Lts

It was produced between 1974 and 1990.

US Magazine Sports Car International placed the Countach in its top ten sports for both the 1970s and 1980s.

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/02/400000-lamborghini-countach-spotted-burned-side-road/

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