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Barefooted British woman turns up after five days in the Brazilian jungle

A British woman who vanished for five days after walking barefoot into Brazilian jungle only wanted “time alone” to meditate, her mother has said after she was found alive.

Dr Diane Brewster said her daughter Katherine called her to say she was “amazed” to discover how much of a “fuss” had been made over her welfare.

The 27-year-old had been missing since she was last seen disappearing into the wilderness to meditate at a remote beauty spot.

Police in the country had been looking for Ms Brewster, from Brighton, East Sussex, ever since she left a family that she had been staying with on the outskirts of a hippie commune in Alpestre, in the southern state of Santa Catarina, and failed to return.

She was rescued at around 12.30 local time.

Katherine Brewster after she was found


Dr Brewster told the Daily Telegraph: “We are extremely relieved and thankful. She’s absolutely fine. She went out on a kind of meditation and has come back to find it all kicking off.

“She’s been really quite surprised by it all. She really wasn’t expecting it. As far as she was concerned everything was fine and she’s come back to find this fuss.

“I’ve spoken to her phone and she’s fine. She’s just finding out what she’s caused but is giving interviews to Brazilian media.”

Sister Lizzie added: “We’re delighted.”

The 27-year-old disappeared on Sunday

Kat Brewster/Facebook 

The family said they didn’t know when she was due to return but they were thankful she was safe.

The people of the UniPermacultura alternative community, based in the village and which is founded on the ideals of sustainable living, reported her disappearance on Tuesday when she left all her belongings behind – taking only her passport and credit card.

They have shared a photograph showing she was wearing the same clothes she had left in, with her legs covered in scratches after apparently getting lost in thick undergrowth.

In a Facebook post, local resident Neli da Terra said she was “a guest for a period of 32 days, in search of a contact with earth and nature, always with a quiet behavior and relationship and without causing any damage to the community and our family”.

Police carrying out searches feared the worst and claim they were hampered by “rugged terrain”.

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/30/barefooted-british-woman-turns-five-days-brazilian-jungle/

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