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The Best Shoulder Workouts for Women

When you learn about the complexity of shoulder anatomy, it’s clear the best shoulder workouts for women should be on your radar. Why? The shoulder is considered the most mobile joint in the entire human body. (1) As a “ball and socket” joint, the shoulder’s joint capsule allows for a wide …

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Rhabdomyolysis: How to Avoid This Serious Weekend Warrior Condition

New to spinning? Diving headfirst into a half-marathon with little training? Sit all week and then jump into all-out exercise on the weekends? Then there’s a 12-letter word that needs to be on your radar: rhabdomyolysis. Often referred to as “rhabdo,” this serious syndrome can occur by overtraining beyond your body’s current …

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Best Dumbbell Workouts for Women (+ Top Dumbbell Exercises)

Free weights and in this case, dumbbells, came onto the scene as staple part of physical fitness and strength training as early as ancient Greece and in a similar form in India. Even back then, athletes and coaches understood the importance of strength and power for their performance and experienced …

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