Hypnotherapy: Benefits of the Power of Suggestion

Hypnotherapy — practiced in one form or another for thousands of years —  is used successfully today to treat pain, PTSD, anxiety, IBS, smoking cessation, eating disorders and much more. Proper hypnosis isn’t what you see on television or stage — it isn’t a parlor game — and it shouldn’t …

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Should Mothers Eat Their Placenta?

There are always interesting trends popping up in the health and wellness field as we “rediscover” how the goodness in nature can benefit our health. It’s hard to remember that there was a time before kale and cauliflower were in everything or when we shunned coconut oil in favor of …

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Sodium Nitrite Dangers You Can’t Afford to Ignore

by Rachael Link, MS, RD Since being classified as carcinogenic in 2015, processed meats have garnered a good amount of public interest, and emerging research has continued to link processed meat intake to more and more deadly conditions. So what is it about processed meats that makes them so detrimental …

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Don’t Shave Too Close! (6 Folliculitis Natural Treatments)

Folliculitis is a common skin disorder where the hair follicles become inflamed and sometimes infected. Dermatological conditions that also fall in the folliculitis category include hot tub rash, barber’s itch and razor burn. With over 5 million hairs on the average human body, folliculitis can occur anywhere. It affects all …

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