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How to Say 'No' to Halloween Candy

Getty Images Q: There’s always candy all over my office, especially with Halloween approaching. What can I do to avoid getting fat from it? Try to keep a full, satisfied tummy throughout the day so you aren’t hungry at your desk near the candy–it will be the first thing you …

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Which Water is Healthiest: Tap or Bottled?

Getty Images Expert advice from our partner ChickRx. Q: I’ve heard that drinking tap water is bad for you—is there any truth to this? Bottled water is so expensive, but I’ll spend the extra money if it’ll keep me healthy. If you believe TV and print ads, all bottled water …

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How to Choose the Healthiest Meats

Tantika Tivorat/Greatist.com What’s the deal with meat? From sirloins and top roasts to ribs and breasts, it can be tricky to keep different cuts of meat straight, let alone know which is the best option for your specific diet and lifestyle. For most types of meat, more fat means more …

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5 Restaurant Meals That Are Better Than a Salad

Sam Smith Lost 14 Lbs. in Two Weeks — Find Out How He Did It Fitness Expert Tracy Anderson: What I Eat In a Day Harley Pasternak: 5 Ways to Boost Your Fat-Burning Engine Lisa Lillien is the author of the popular Hungry Girl website and email newsletter, featuring smart, …

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