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Afternoon Mistakes That Pile on the Pounds

You do all the right things in the morning to prevent weight gain like eating a hearty breakfast, but if you want to keep those extra pounds from squeezing their way under your jeans, here are some things to avoid in the afternoon. An afternoon minimeal: Having a snack between …

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Waking Up to Water — It's Crucial!

Aside from avoiding your snooze button, it’s time you make water a top priority each morning. While its importance is no secret, sipping water first thing in the morning that can significantly alter your day — for the better! Whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply stay healthy, here …

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How the Cold Weather Can Help You Slim Down

Harley Pasternak: OK, Here’s the Least Amount of Exercise You Can Get Away With… Winter Is the New Bikini Season: How to Get Fit When it’s Freezing Before Your Next Shopping Spree Master This Move from Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea I spent the first 30 years of my life in …

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The Best Plant-Based Sources of Protein

In some circles meat is king when it comes to high-protein eating (just ask any Paleo dieter), but animal foods are not the only way to get this muscle-building nutrient. Plant proteins such as beans, whole grains, fruit, nuts, and seeds have many benefits: In addition to offering up lots …

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Turnip Benefits for the Gut, Heart, Waistline & Immune System

by Rachael Link, MS, RD Well-known for its multitude of health-promoting properties, there are plenty of good reasons to add the turnip to your weekly grocery list. This versatile vegetable is flavorful, delicious and brimming with many of the essential nutrients that your body needs. It’s also been associated with some …

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