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Is Skipping Breakfast a Good Idea? It’s All About Meal Timing

We’ve all heard it before: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For decades, health authorities have linked a solid, healthy breakfast with better overall health and weight management. The idea is that a balanced breakfast helps kick-start your metabolism after you’ve been “fasting” (and sleeping) all night, …

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Mindful Eating — Maintain a Healthy Weight & Appetite

The main purpose of mindful eating is to change your relationship with food. Mindful eating is anything but a “diet” — in fact, it’s basically the opposite! Changing the way you eat (as opposed to just what foods you eat) is not just about developing discipline over your food preferences …

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Visceral Fat: What It Is and Why It’s So Dangerous

Most people view body fat as relatively harmless and merely something we want to banish to look and feel better, but did you know that certain types of dangerous fats that are stored around your organs can also contribute to heart disease, dementia, cancer, depression and many other diseases? Stored …

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10 Steps to Achieve Satiety When You Eat

Have you ever eaten a large, carb-laden meal and, even though you packed in the calories, felt hungry in just a short while? Or maybe you were starving after a long day and scarfed down a healthy dinner you just weren’t excited about? Even though you know you’re not “technically” …

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The Best Diet Plans to Lose Weight

Low-carb. Low-fat. Cayenne pepper and cabbage soup. Strictly yellow M&M’s and water. Each day, it seems, there’s a new diet plan to lose weight that promises quick results, ranging from the sensible to the downright insane. Losing weight fast, and choosing the best plan to do so, is something most …

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