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Charity shop worker finds note from her dead father in old book donated to store

A charity shop worker was left stunned after someone donated an old book containing handwritten notes from her own father 50 years after his death.

Gil Oakley, 74, was tidying the bookshelves at the shop where she volunteers when she stumbled across a copy of ‘Stanley Gibbons Postage Stamp Catalogue’ dated 1956.

She had two similar ones at home as her father, Kenneth Gleave, had worked for the company when she was a child. But w hen she opened the book’s cover she was stunned to find his distinctive handwriting neatly penned on the first page.

Also in the book was a sticker from another philately company, Richard Roberts of Rutherfield, Sussex, where Mr Gleave also worked.

Not only had half a century gone by since her father passed away in 1968, but the book had followed Gil 200 miles from her home county of Kent, to Church Stretton, Shrops., where she now lives.

Her father, Kenneth Gleave, died in 1968


She said: “When I opened up the front cover there was my father’s writing. I recognised it straight away as my father’s writing was very tidy and he could write in very small letters.

“It is such an amazing coincidence for it to have ended up here, in the charity shop I volunteer in.”

Staff at the shop are now trying to trace the individual who donated the book in the hope of tracing its history since her father’s death.

The book contains pictures of stamps, black and white, and prices at the time they were used.

Hope House charity shop, where Gil works

Tristan Potter /SWNS.com

In the catalogue, her father wrote: “1 in front of number means CA announcement of invalidation.

“Canada/Coils QE.

“…. curved but not a complete cylinder 425 17 hours of 25.

“20 compress, one of plate on roll of paper make coil of 500, line paper is mound into register for easier impression causing out of alignment from which are registered.

“…. Phil from 1954.”

The note left behind in the book

Tristan Potter /SWNS.com

Gil, who worked as a secretary before retiring, said: “It’s about a stamp, he was a philatelist specialist…w hat he has written is about an anomaly on a stamp. The writing must be 55, 60 years old.”

Mr Gleave, who worked as a stamp dealer for various companies, specialising in the British Empire, died aged 62 on Christmas Day 1968 due to complications from rheumatic fever when he was a child.

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/04/01/charity-shop-worker-finds-note-dead-father-old-book-donated/

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