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Council asks ‘who is in charge’ in the wake of Grenfell disaster

The chaos seen in the wake of Grenfell Tower was laid bare in a cache of council emails asking “who is in charge” and labelling the fallout a “complete media s***storm”.

The emails from Kensington and Chelsea council were obtained by Channel 4 News and show how the authority struggled to get a handle on the crisis in the days following the fire.

One email highlighted how communication with survivors of the disaster was failing and was simply titled “Who is in charge?”.

Another was sent to the leader of the council at the time Nick Paget-Brown stating that “communication was very poor”.

The email went on to say: “The expectation that they [“the community”] will know how to find help in comparison to the type of people we are trying to help is the real gulf. There are language problems, lack of education and understanding how anything works.”


The communication also stated that the local communities were separated and acted in a similar way to gangs. 

Within the messages seen Mr Paget-Brown complained about a “complete media s***storm” and scorned journalists for asking questions.

Nick Paget-Brown, who resigned in the wake of the fire, said the media “comprehensively trashed” the council’s efforts and reputation.

He wrote in one message: “There are some disgusting people around who are keen to politicise a tragedy. I am trying to avoid giving them satisfaction.”

The emails also reveal that he received a series of nasty death threats from members of the public.

The emails were released following a Freedom of Information request by Channel 4 News.

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/08/council-asks-charge-wake-grenfell-disaster/

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