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Guides ditch the Hostess badge as girls to learn self-care, craftivism and mindfulness 

Thousands of former Girl Guides will have fond memories of throwing parties and sleepovers to gain their coveted hostess badge. 

But this is to become a thing of the past as the badge is to be ditched amid the largest overhaul in the charity’s history.

A lack of interest from girls means it has not been retained as part of a new programme, launched today. 

Instead girls will be able to tackle new badges including Upcycling, Mindfulness, Vlogging and Craftivism. 

New tasks will include making a “mindful present” as part of the craftivism badge, with girls encouraged to create a gift which makes the receiver aware of an important issue, such as a sunglasses case decorated with a message about global warming. 

They will also be encouraged to create a cause-driven playlist as part of the “campaign” badge, and rescue old clothes and furniture from being thrown away as part of the “upcycling” badge. 

A spokeswoman for Girl Guiding said that some of the new badges contained elements of the old badges but none of the old programme had been retained in its existing form. 

She said some of the skills included in the hostess badge would be incorporated into new badges, with an event planning badge launched for the Rangers, and money management topics covered in unit meetings. 

The 800 new badges and activities include Entrepreneur, Inventing, Navigator, Animation, Craftivism, Self-care and Human rights

Doug Peters /PA Wire

The £3m programme has been in development for 18 months, with 50,000 children involved in testing the new activities and badges.

Corporate sponsors have been involved in creating some of them, with EasyJet working on the aviation badge and Google helping to develop digital design activities. 

The programme will be rolled out over the next year and will be fully in place by September 2019. 

Jess Bond, lead volunteer for programme renewal, said: “We’ve really listened to what girls have told us they’d like to see and incorporated their suggestions, creating new badges and activities and updating others so they’re relevant now and in the future.”

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/07/20/guides-ditch-hostess-badge-girls-learn-self-care-craftivism/

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