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Labrador run over by four trains makes miracle recovery 

A black labrador had a miracle survival when it was run over by four trains but avoided death. 

The dog, called Poppy, chased a deer onto a railway line while out on a walk with her owner.

Poppy and the deer were both hit by a passenger train, and the deer was killed instantly, but the pet survived.

She managed to avoid death lying still in the middle of the tracks as three other trains passed overhead, all missing her.

Poppy suffered broken ribs and Garston Vets in Westbury, Wilts, said things “looked very dark for Poppy”, but she pulled through.

Sarah Holmes, of Garston Vets, said: “Her face was extremely swollen, she had a large wound on her back and was in considerable pain.

”But we were amazed that the only broken bones were a couple of ribs.”

Poppy the dog is cared for by staff at Garston Vets

 Garston Vets / SWNS.com

She was given the all clear within a week and sent home.

“It’s something that her owners never believed would happen,” added Ms Holmes.

“She is making good progress but, unsurprisingly, has a degree of discomfort still. Fortunately, she hasn’t lost her appetite.”

Network Rail said a train driver reported seeing something near the Hawkeridge footpath level in Westbury crossing at about 7.30am on January 17.

Trains on the line were told to run with caution and an operations manager arrived on site to find injured Poppy twenty minutes later.

Article Source : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/02/16/labrador-run-four-trains-makes-miracle-recovery/

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