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People evacuated from homes as huge plumes of smoke from wildfires spread to outskirts of Manchester  

Firefighters have begun evacuating residents living near Saddleworth Moor in the Pennines as they struggle to get to grips with a massive wildfire.

Dozens of firefighters are currently fighting the inferno, which is continuing to spread on the hills, with the emergency services issuing advice for people affected by it.

A total of 34 houses in Carrbrook have already been evacuated, police have said.

Others are being advised to keep their windows and doors closed, while local schools are also closing on Wednesday due to health and safety fears.

The huge plumes of smoke stretching along moorland in the north-west of England can be seen in pictures and footage from near the scenes.

An enormous wild fire in Greater Manchester has prompted a warning to residents to keep windows and doors closed as the blaze spreads towards homes

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Resident Dee Blanchard, 28, told the Manchester Evening News: “It’s getting a bit frightening.

“We’ve got double glazing but we’ve had to put damp towels around their windows and doors. You can’t go outside, you can barely see.

“The firefighters are trying to connect hoses to hoses because there’s no access point near them.

“There’s a fireman in a white hat who I think is in charge and he said we might have to evacuate.”

The moors above Saddleworth, in Greater Manchester, continue to burn this evening

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The fire began on Monday and then spread overnight, devastating an area of land, Greater Manchester Fire Service said.

Crews have remained in place on Tuesday having “worked tirelessly to combat the blaze”, the service said.

Derbyshire firefighters were earlier seen tackling the same blaze by beating down moorland in footage released by the fire service.

Many homes are tonight being evacuated in Carrbrook, due to the smoke created by the wildfires surrounding the Saddleworth and Stalybridge areas

Mercury Press & Media

The force described it as “hard, hot & exhausting work”, and warned people to be careful while enjoying the outdoors.

They said: “Take extra care when out in the countryside – a stray cigarette, a discarded glass bottle, or a spark from a BBQ can all cause untold devastation!”

Article Source : https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/06/26/people-evacuated-homes-huge-plumes-smoke-wildfires-spread-outskirts/

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