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Threatened 700-year-old Banyan tree put on intravenous drip

A Banyan tree said to 700 years old was put on a special intravenous drip to ward off a termite infestation, after Indian officials feared the insects could kill the ancient tourist attraction. The Forestry Department in the southern state of Telangana began the “saline treatment” to the tree, in …

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Going to Concerts Helps You Live Longer, Study Says

You probably already know about music therapy benefits involved with treating conditions like anxiety and depression. But are there any music perks associated with just headed out to a live gig to see your favorite band perform live? Well, here’s a study that will be music to your ears: catching a …

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3 Healthy Veggie Sides You’ll Want to Eat All Spring Long

Nothing says spring like plates piled high with brightly colored veggies, and these side dishes from the new cookbook Siriously Delicious ($27, amazon.com) are exactly that. And nope, that's not a typo in the book's title: The collection of 100 simple, satisfying recipes comes from blogger and Today show contributor Siri Daly. We love these …

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Vitamin K2 Foods, Benefits, Recipes & More

Full-fat cheeses, eggs and beef liver might not be the types of foods that come to mind when you think about eating a heart-healthy diet, but you’d probably be surprised to know that in recent years, one of the most researched nutrients in the field of cardiovascular health has been …

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