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How Certain Sounds Help Us Sleep

Getty Images Is it time to toss the late-night texting and Tweeting habits? According to a nationwide survey by the National Sleep Foundation in 2011, Generation Y has more difficulty falling asleep than any other population.

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How To Pack a Peanut Butter-Free School Lunch

Getty Images As many schools adopt a nut-free school lunch policy, sending your kids off with a PB&J sandwich is no longer an option. Instead, parents face the daunting task of filling the lunchbox with items that are nutritious and tasty as well as nut-free.

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Skip the Snooze Button for Better Sleep

Marissa Angell, Greatist.com Although the snooze button may seem like a gift from the Almighty on Monday mornings, many sleep experts agree that hitting the snooze button contributes to a tired morning and doesn’t help us feel more rested. Morning rhythm ‘n blues – The need-to-know Way back when, sunrise …

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